I have a created a grid, as shown below,

   PowerLawPlottingGrid = Grid[{
   {PowerLawLinearPlotGrids, PowerLawCompiledPlots}
   }, Alignment -> Top]

where PowerLawLinearPlotGrids and PowerLawCompiledPlots are TabView[] functions containing more grids and/or plots as shown below:

PowerLawLinearPlotGrids = TabView[
"PVT" -> 
Grid[{{ PowerLawLinearPVTInputGrid1, 
   PowerLawLinearPVTInputGrid2}}, Alignment -> Top],
"Reservoir" -> PowerLawLinearRESInputGrid,
"Model" -> 
Grid[{{PowerLawLinearpDInputGrid1, PowerLawLinearpDInputGrid2}}, 
 Alignment -> Top]
  Background -> BCTV,
Alignment -> Left


PowerLawCompiledPlots = TabView[{
"Typecurve" -> CompiledPLPlots,
"Perm Distribution (SRV)" -> PowerLawKwdPlot

}, Alignment -> Center];

I want to be able to print my notebook to a PDF. I have tried converting my main grid to GraphicsGrid and implementing the following option with little success (x = 0.5, 0.7, etc)


When I review my PDF from "Save As", I usually get some sort of truncated image as shown below.

PDF output problem

Ideally, I would prefer to see the entire output seen here. I can sacrifice some readability of the text/labels.

Ideal PDF output

Any advice is appreciated.


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