I want to programmatically create a "Code" style cell with commands separated by ; and a new line (from some list). Say for example I have a list {set[a,1],set[b,2],...} I would like to create the cell.


This can almost be done by following the answer to a similar question here, and replacing "Input" with "Code". I find that CompoundExpression@@{a,b,...} does show as a;b;..., as I would like, but I don't know how to add the appropriate newlines.


How about this?:

format[l_List] := 
  ToBoxes@# /. {"set", "[", RowBox[{a_, ",", b_}], "]"} :> {a, "=", b, ";", "\n"} & /@ 
       l // RowBox // BoxData // Cell[#, "Code"] & // CellPrint;

format@{set[a, 1], set[b, 2], set[c, 2]}

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