I want to make a Grid with each cell Imagesize was {10,10}.If I place any Gui-Element with more than that cell Imagesize,I don't want to scale that cell.

I want to set each cell ImageSize is {10,10}.

For this purpose,I tried with both Grid and GraphicsGrid.

If you can use Grpahicsrid,it's working fine.That corresponding code is in below.

GraphicsGrid[ConstantArray["234", {3, 4}], Frame -> All,ImageSize -> {40, 30}]

If you use Grid,it's not working.That corresponding code is in below.

 Grid[ConstantArray["234", {3, 4}], Frame -> All, ItemSize -> {10, 10}]

I think,Itemsize units totally different compared with ImageSize.That's why it's not working .

How can I resolve this ?


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There is a known-difficult problem in this:
How to convert between various ItemSize/ImageSize units?



In Grid, w is measured in ems, and h in line heights. In GraphicsGrid, w and h are both measured in absolute printer's points.


Pane[expr,{w,h}] makes the pane be w points wide, and h points high, shrinking the contents if necessary.

So we can get close with this:

Grid[ConstantArray[Pane["234", {20, 20}], {3, 4}], Frame -> All, Spacings -> {0, 0}]

enter image description here

There is however distortion as the cell sizes become very small:

enter image description here

I do not know a way around this other than manually adjusting a small negative spacing based on the pane size.


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