In this answer I found I needed to calculate a bunch of intersections of subsets of vectors, like

takeSubpspaceIntersections[i_, pos_, val_, perms_] :=
   subperms, picked = Range[Length[perms]],
    badPickI, badListsI,
   badPickJ, badListsJ,
   badVals, balValIndMap, badPosJ,
  subperms = perms[[picked]];
  badPickI = Pick[Range[Length[perms]], perms[[;; , i - 1]], val];
  fullInds = Range[Length[perms[[1]]]];
   badPickJ = Pick[Range[Length[picked]], subperms[[;; , j]], val];
   If[Length[badPickJ] > 0,
        subsample set of input vectors, take their intersectiom
    badListsI = perms[[badPickI, Delete[fullInds, i - 1]]];
    badListsJ = subperms[[badPickJ, Delete[fullInds, j]]];
    badVals = Intersection[badListsJ, badListsI];
        remap intersected vectors to corresponding elements of badPickJ
        and resample input vectors
    balValIndMap = AssociationThread[badListsJ, badPickJ ];
    badPosJ = Lookup[balValIndMap, badVals];
    picked = picked[[ Complement[Range[Length[picked]], badPosJ] ]];
    subperms = perms[[picked]]
   {j, pos}

The problem is that this can be slow over large numbers of vectors

perms1000 =
    RandomInteger[3, {1000000, 15}]] // DeleteDuplicates;

(spint = takeSubpspaceIntersections[5, {2}, 1, perms1000];) // 
  RepeatedTiming // First


Some preliminary testing suggests that the slowest part is the number of times I'm doing things like perms[[badPickI, Delete[fullInds, i - 1]]]; which because of the way Mathematica handles tensors internally forces a copy.

Is there a way I can make this subsample/Intersection process faster, maybe by doing the Intersection piece-by-piece over the intersection of Delete[fullInds, i - 1] and Delete[fullInds, j] first, allowing me to iteratively refine the result over smaller chunks of memory? (kinda similar to the ideas here: Pair-wise equality over large sets of large vectors)


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