I've been struggling to make a cloud deployed form whose output is a table of data. Here is a toy example:

CloudDeploy[FormPage["x" -> "Number", TableForm[N[RandomInteger[{1, #x}, {50, 10}], 30]] &], 
  CloudObject["questions/formwidth"], Permissions -> "Public"]

This uses TableForm to display the table in a crude way. But I don't know how to format the output table and it looks very bad.

My dream would be to have the output be displayed as a Dataset object. This can be done, but only if the output is displayed in another window:

CloudDeploy[FormFunction["x" -> "Number", ExportForm[TableForm[N[RandomInteger[{1, 10}, {50, 10}], 30]], 
    "CloudCDF"] &], CloudObject["questions/formwidth"], 
     Permissions -> "Public"]

I would really appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance.



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