graph1 = SetProperty[graph1, VertexLabels -> Table[i -> Placed[{Style[i, Blue], 
    Style[PropertyValue[{graph1, i}, VertexIndex], Red]}, {Before, After}], 
{i, VertexList[graph1]}]]

does not display the indices in Red (gives an error).

is there a way to fix this?

This question is related to: Graphs: colouring vertex weights differently from vertices



graph1 = SetProperty[graph1,VertexLabels->Table[i->Placed[

It turns out PropertyValue is being replaced by AnnotationValue. Even so, calling AnnotationKeys[{graph1,First@VertexList[graph1]}] shows that a graph vertex has the following inbuilt annotations (formerly properties)


VertexIndex is a function on graphs just like VertexList, vertices do not store their index.


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