I have a 16-bit stack of images (428 x 684 pixels) in TIF format. The stack has 20,000 images, about ~780MB. When I import it to Mathematica in MacOS (i7, 16GB RAM, BigSur), it successfully imports the file. However, when I import it in a Windows machine (i7, 64GB RAM, Win Enterprise), the cell keeps running indefinitely. Both use Mathematica 12.1.1. The same thing happened when I tested with Mathematica 12.2.2 in another Windows machine (i7, 32GB RAM, WinPro).

To check if this is a file size issue, I modified the TIF file so it only has 2 images, and it managed to import in both Windows and MacOS.

Any insight on resolving this? Script used:

NotebookDirectory[]; SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]]
imageraw = Import["sample.tif"];

Sample-image: sample.tif (~780 MB) and 2frame-sample-image: sample-short.tif

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