I am new in mathematica programming. Actually referring this link, I tried to connect to kernel from c++ program on Windows with visual studio. I copied all these .exe files in related folder which i used in my code as well. But it does not connect after lots of separate try. this is my code,

WSENV env;
WSLINK link;
int error;

env = WSInitialize((WSEnvironmentParameter)0);

link = WSOpenString(env, "E:\\ProgrammingProjects\\PhD\\MathematicaTest\\mathfiles\\MathKernel.exe -mathlink",&error);
int res = WSConnect(link);

in this type the returned res is "0" and no connection.

I Also tried WolframKernel.exe

link = WSOpenString(env, "E:\\ProgrammingProjects\\PhD\\MathematicaTest\\mathfiles\\WolframKernel.exe -wstp",&error);
int res = WSConnect(link);

but this code block at connect function and as it said in documentation it means there is no connection. Should I do something more before running this code? Could you help me through this? Thanks


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I found the answer by checking .NET examples.

lp = WSOpenString(env, "-linkmode launch -linkname \"E:/Software/mathematica/mathkernel.exe\"", &error);

int res = WSConnect(lp);

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