The $k^{th}$ order multifactorial for $n \in \mathbb{N}$ is defined commonly as the follows: enter image description here

Which is equivalent to

enter image description here

I saw a succinct line of code on RosettaCode for generating the $k^{th}$ order multifactorial for $n \in \mathbb{N}$ as follows:

Multifactorial[n_, k_] := Abs[ Apply[ Times, Range[-n, -1, k]]]

Could someone explain me how the code works in a sort of step by step manner since I am unable to quite understand it.


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You can start by understanding how Apply works. For example

Apply[f, {a, b, c}]


So, if you need product of these three numbers, you use

Apply[Times, {a, b, c}]

a b c

Now what remains is to find the right elements to multiply. For kth multifactorial of n it is {n,n-k,n-2k,...} which you can write as


Your code construct the series in reverse order and so it requires Abs in front. Therefore

Multifactorial[n_, k_] := Apply[Times, Range[n, 1, -k]]


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