My problem seems simple: I try to follow a marker across a number of images. All work fine, but when I update the marker from image to image, I observe a weird oscillatory behavior. I isolated the problem and it appears also in the case below, where I try to find the marker several times in the same image.

enter image here

image = Import["https://i.sstatic.net/IEVL0.jpg"];
size = 40 (*marker size*)
row = 256 (*marker center row*)
col = 1013(*marker center column*)
  rowMin = row - size,
  rowMax = row + size,
  colMin = col - size,
  colMax = col + size,
  marker = ImageTake[image, {rowMin, rowMax}, {colMin, colMax}],(*marker images*)
  corr = ImageCorrelate[image, marker, SquaredEuclideanDistance], (*correlate image and marker*)
  min = PixelValuePositions[corr, "Min"] // First ,  
  row = min[[2]],
  col = min[[1]],
 }, {i, 1, 5}]

I would expect to see the marker image five times. Instead it appears every second time and in between another section of the image appears. Any thought why this is happens, and what I can do against it, would be very much appreciated.

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The reason that the marker image changes is because of the different coordinate origins used by ImageTake and PixelValuePositions. A quick fix is to add ImageDimensions after Import, and change row = min[[2]] to adjust for the different origins.

{w, h} = ImageDimensions[image]; (*needed to adjust image origin*)

The origin problem is easily fixed by changing this line in the Do statement:

row = min[[2]],


row = h - min[[2]] + 1,

Image origins used by ImageTake and PixelValuePositions

The origin used by ImageTake is the upper left corner. Increasing row values count the vertical position from top to bottom, and increasing columns count the horizontal position from left to right.

ImageTake from documentation

The values returned by PixelValuePositions use an origin at the lower left corner. Increasing $x$ values count the horizontal position from left to right, and increasing $y$ values count the vertical position from bottom to top, offset by 0.5.

PixelValuePositions from documentation

When you use PixelValuePositions $x$ and $y$ values (lower left origin) with ImageTake (upper left origin), you need to adjust the vertical row-value for ImageTake.

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    – Christian
    Feb 17, 2021 at 7:22
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