I installed Mathematica 7 on my latest kubuntu(fully updated) from 2020 iso. Then i installed latest updates and rebooted.


Mathematica on command prompt gives this error and the desktop command launches its opening screen for a second and then crashes immediately.

Floating point exception (core dumped)

(After typing Mathematica on command prompt)

Additional Note

MathKernal works fine.

I also checked mathematica 8 from my friend and it works and launches correctly but with several fonts missing(writing letters(C,G and D) in place of "[" and "]"), with the un resizable welcome screen. Everything works fine on ubuntu 2020.

Kindly guide me on these issues.


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Well in light of Mathematica 11 fonts in Linux are messed up, I disabled system fonts by renaming /etc/fonts/conf.d file and voila, Mathematica 7 start up without any trouble and Mathematica 8 also showed correct fonts as in Ubuntu.

I deleted file by matching pattern method in groups and discovered the culprit as "45-generic.conf" that contained "emojees font", which were the bug cause just as described in the above linked post.

This file is common to both Ubuntu and Kubuntu but only affecting Mathematica 7 and 8 in Kubuntu 2020.


After some debugging, I have discovered that it is Noto Color Emoji, a font used by Google is the main culprit in clashing with mathematica.


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