Recently (I only noticed in V12.2), website URLs, such as https://www.wolfram.com, became active in text cells in notebooks. The "hot" nature makes the links hard to edit, since any click on them calls up a browser. Is there a way to turn it off and back on?


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The functionality is controlled by setting the cell option on the desired cell(s):

CodeAssistOptions -> {"AutoDetectHyperlinks" -> False}  (* Off *)
CodeAssistOptions -> {"AutoDetectHyperlinks" -> True}   (* On  *)

The option can also be applied globally by setting it for the Front End:

 CodeAssistOptions -> {"AutoDetectHyperlinks" -> False}]

The option can be applied to a single notebook, which (as usual) will override the Front End setting:

 CodeAssistOptions -> {"AutoDetectHyperlinks" -> True}]

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