I'm trying to convert the output of WolframClient to Python. Here's a toy example:

from wolframclient.evaluation import WolframLanguageSession
from wolframclient.language import wl, wlexpr

def get_session():
    session = WolframLanguageSession()
    session.evaluate(wlexpr('Range[5]')) #warmup
    return session

session = get_session()


((Rule[Global`a[0], Rational[5, 3]],),)

I'm hoping to instead get something simpler (a string is sufficient):

"a[0] = 5/3"


Ideally I'd like to port the output of mathematica to Sympy. I've tried Sympy's Mathematica parser, but it doesn't recognize any of the "non-whitelisted" expressions such as Rational[5,3]. I've tried using Mathematica's InputForm function but that doesn't seem to work.

  • $\begingroup$ You may make a PR to sympy's repo, and add the support to Rational. $\endgroup$ Commented Dec 31, 2020 at 8:12

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One way to get the form you want is to apply ToString and StringForm. For this particular example, Numerator and Denominator are also used.

  sol = Values@First@Flatten@Solve[a[0] == 5/3, a[0]];
  ToString@StringForm["a[0] = `1`/`2`", Numerator[#], Denominator[#]] & @sol

(*  a[0] = 5/3  *)

Other forms can be obtained with ToString and StringJoin (<>)

  sol = N@Values@First@Flatten@Solve[a[0] == 5/3, a[0]];
  "a[0] = " <> ToString[sol] """))

(*  a[0] = 1.66667  *)

In either case the Python return type is str, as

retval = session.evaluate("""
  sol = N@Values@First@Flatten@Solve[a[0] == 5/3, a[0]];
  "a[0] = " <> ToString[sol] """)


(*  str  *)

If you want the Python return type to be float, just use N

retval = session.evaluate("""
  N@Values@First@Flatten@Solve[a[0] == 5/3, a[0]] """)


(*  float  *)

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