I am trying to integrate the following integrand, which I have plotted:

 Plot[1/k Evaluate@
     D[Erfc[k] + PolyLog[0, -E^(-(k - \[Mu])/T)] + 
       PolyLog[0, -E^(-(k + \[Mu])/T)], {k, 2}] 5 T Sec[x]^2 /. 
   k -> (\[Mu] + 5 T Tan[x]), {x, -ArcTan[\[Mu]/(5 T)], \[Pi]/2}, 
  Frame -> True, PlotRange -> All, 
  PlotRangePadding -> None], {{\[Mu], 0.5}, 0, 1}, {{T, 0.01}, 0.0001,

The plot is fine until we slide T to about 0.002 or below, at which point machine underflow errors abound and the plot breaks. In this case, the machine underflow does not appear to be a superficial issue where we should set the value to zero, since the plot completely breaks beyond this point.

I have tried increasing WorkingPrecision and using SetPrecision on various parts of the integrand, but to no avail. Is there a simple way to resolve this?

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    $\begingroup$ To avoid the "pink panel" of Manipulate you can just use Quiet @ Plot[.... $\endgroup$ – Anton Antonov Dec 16 '20 at 2:17

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