I'm trying to implement a Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker metric + a perturbation in a scalar-vector-tensor split in mathematica, using xAct. The S-V-T decomposition comes with some rules for the vector and tensor parts, i.e. the vector is transverse and divergence-free and the tensor is transverse and traceless. How can I implement this?

Divergence-free Vector

Can I make a rule, before I set a metric and have the corresponding covariant derivative? I need to set it before, because it is part of the metric...

Doing it later gives me

DFBRule =   MakeRule[{cd[a][Bv[-a]], 0}, PatternIndices -> All, 
   MetricOn -> All];
** MakeRule: Potential problems moving indices on the LHS.
   Rules {1,1} have been declared as UpValues for Bv.

Traceless Tensor

DefTensor[Ct[a, b], M] knows only the argument symmetric, but not traceless. I thought, maybe, I could redefine it like


But this only throws a couple of errors:

First::nofirst: {} has zero length and no first element.
ToCanonical::noident: Unknown expression not canonicalized: First[{}][-a,-b] .
ToCanonical::noident: Unknown expression not canonicalized: First[{}][-a,-b] .
ChangeFreeIndices::error: Inconsistent number of free indices.
Throw::nocatch: Uncaught Throw[Null] returned to top level.

I also thought about

TFRule = MakeRule[{Ct[a, -a], 0}, PatternIndices -> All, 
   MetricOn -> All];
AutomaticRules[Ct, TFRule];

but I maybe there is a more direct approach to define vectors and tensors right away as divergence-free or trace-free. How can it be done? Thank you very much in advance for your reply!


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