I’m working on a problem involving Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and I’m trying to perform the linearization on Mathematica. For some reason when I get to my first order equation (ε × stuff + O(ε²) == 0) and I ask Mathematica to divide by epsilon, it refuses to carry the operation through. Here is my code:

Remove["Global`*"]; $Assumptions =.;
$Assumptions = {c > 0};

xx := {x, y, z} (*position vector*);
u := {ux[xx, t], uy[xx, t], uz[xx, t]} (*perturbation velocity*);
ρ1 := ϱ1[xx, t] (*perturbation density*);
P1 := p1[xx, t] (*perturbation pressure*);

(*Specify background flow:*)
v := {0, 0, vz[x]};
P0 := p0;
ρ0 := ϱ0[x];

(*Quantities of problem*)
SetAttributes[eps, Constant]
ρ := ρ0 + eps* ρ1;
P := P0 + eps* P1;
vv := v + eps*u;

(*Lagrangian (comoving) derivative*)
DDt[function_] := D[function,t] + Sum[ vv[[i]] D[#,xx[[i]]], {i,3}]& @(function)

(*Continuity, momentum and energy:*)
eqsOfMotion := {
   DDt[ρ] == -ρ Div[vv,xx],
   ρ DDt[vv] == -Grad[P,xx],
   DDt[P] == c^2 DDt[ρ]
   } ;

  eqsOfMotion /. eps -> 0], "-> background flow is valid solution"]

(*Since background flow is valid solution 
we have that every term in eqsOfMotion is 
proportional to eps, hence can divide through:*)

And that last line is where my problem arises. The 1/eps term refuses to pass through the parentheses and cancel with eps. Any ideas?

My version of Mathematica is 11.3.

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    $\begingroup$ See DivideSides in documentation, looks to have been introduced in 11.3. Equations do not automatically absorb arithmetic operations. $\endgroup$ – eyorble Oct 29 '20 at 18:37
  • $\begingroup$ Or if DivideSides is not available: eqsOfMotion2 = eqsOfMotion /. Equal[lhs_, rhs_] :> Equal[lhs/eps, rhs/eps] // Simplify $\endgroup$ – Bob Hanlon Oct 29 '20 at 19:04
  • $\begingroup$ @eyorble DivideSides does not quite work for me, as it adds in too much complexity, but by leafing through the documentation for it I found a method that works with ApplySides — thank you! $\endgroup$ – confusedandbemused Oct 30 '20 at 8:17

Following @eyorble's suggestion to look at DivideSides, I found that a method that does the trick is

ApplySides[#/eps&, eqsOfMotion]

(and apparently another valid solution replaces ApplySides with Map, but I couldn’t get it to work).

DivideSides does not work for me because it is too intelligent for its own good, and creates a proliferation of cases in which I have no interest.


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