First, I'd like to mention a two post that provided almost a solution, but in the end didn't:

Cells2TeX with mmacells threw hundreds of errors in LaTeX like missing line end or missing $, clashes with other packages, e.g. url, (which I resolved by not invoking them in the mmacell.sty file), and some others.

Use TeXForm of xAct did also not work, because it couldn't deal with the $PrePrint = ScreenDollarIndices; option. The generated TeX code shows all the "weird" \$-names, not the ones I "see" in mathematica thx to the $PrePrint option.

Is there a way to

  1. export a single expression / a result from xAct to LaTeX?
  2. export the whole notebook to LaTeX, so I can put it in the appendix as a reference?

Thank you very much in advance for any hints or guides or anything. :)


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