I am trying to fit the real and imaginary part of the Lorentzian, using MultiNonlinearModelfit function, I am having two independent variables in the problem (x and w, please see the code below), I am not sure how to go about the two independent variables, Here is my data Data

Data = Import["E:\\Shelender\\codes\\Mathematica\\Aelastic \
real = Data[[All, {1, 2}]];
imag = Data[[All, {1, 3}]];
w = Data[[All, {4}]];
Model = (A*E^(d/x)*tw)/(-I + E^(d/x)*tw);
fit = ResourceFunction["MultiNonlinearModelFit"][
Rationalize[{real, imag}, 0], ComplexExpand[ReIm@Model], 
Rationalize[{{A, 1.0*10^-4}, {t, 1.0*10^-12}, {d, 10}}, 0], {x}, 
PrecisionGoal -> 5, AccuracyGoal -> 10];

I think you want something like this?

real = Data[[All, {1, 4, 2}]];
imag = Data[[All, {1, 4, 3}]];
Model = (A*E^(d/x)*t*w)/(-I + E^(d/x)*t*w);
fit = ResourceFunction["MultiNonlinearModelFit"][
  Rationalize[{real, imag}, 0],
  ComplexExpand[ReIm @ Model],
  Rationalize[{{A, 1.0*10^-4}, {t, 1.0*10^-12}, {d, 10}}, 0],
  {x, w},
  WorkingPrecision -> 30,
  MaxIterations -> 1000

The w variable doesn't change a whole lot, so it doesn't seem to impact the fit all that much.


You can plot the fit for example like this:

  ListPlot[{real[[All, {1, 3}]], imag[[All, {1, 3}]]}],
  Quiet @ Plot[
    {fit[1, x, w], fit[2, x, w]}, {x, 0, 1.5597}, 
    PlotRange -> All
 {w, 1.255 10^8, 1.256*10^8}

As you can see, the value of w really doesn't influence the fit much.

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  • $\begingroup$ @Sjored Smit for plotting I defined two more variables as real1 = Data[[All, {1, 2}]]; imag1 = Data[[All, {1, 3}]]; and tried plotting using how[ListPlot[{real1, imag1}], Plot[{fit[1, x], fit[2, x]}, {x, 0, Max[real1[[All, 1]], imag1[[All, 1]]]}, PlotRange -> All], PlotRange -> All] but I think the problem is with fit[1,x] and fit[2,x] but could not figure out $\endgroup$ – Shelender Kumar Oct 2 at 16:24
  • $\begingroup$ @ShelenderKumar fit is a function of x and w. You can't plot it without giving it values for w as well, so you need to call is as fit[1, x, w] and fit[2, x, w]} (with appropriate values for x and w of course). $\endgroup$ – Sjoerd Smit Oct 2 at 18:37
  • $\begingroup$ @Sjored Smit My bad, but I think it is not a good idea to plot like this, because in reality w is not monotonic, but I tried this Plot[{fit[1, x, w], fit[2, x, w]}, {x, 0, 1.5597}, {w, 1.255 10^8,1.256*10^8}, PlotRange -> All] and it gave me error An option must be a rule or a list of rules $\endgroup$ – Shelender Kumar Oct 2 at 19:04
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Plot is for x-y plots only. Try setting a constant value for w instead. I'll update with an example. $\endgroup$ – Sjoerd Smit Oct 2 at 19:05

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