This is a question about EmbedCode[CloudDeploy[...]]. I have seen various questions and answers about the similar questions, but none of them helped me in embedding several Manipulates on my own website. After embedding a Manipulate, I refresh my website. It works with Firefox browser. My questions are twofold:

  1. Interactivity is fine on my computer, but I cannot change the font size in Manipulate. How can I adjust font size and shrink the Manipulate window size?

  2. Although deployment works on my computer, it does not work on other people's computers, the Starting Interactivity command never starts. How can I get it to work on the computers of others? My intention is to make Manipulate publicly available with interactivity function.

Here is the code I use:

Manipulate[f[n], {n,1,10}]//EmbedCode[
CloudDeploy[#, Permissions -> {All -> {"Read", "Interact"}}], 
ImageSize -> {50, 80} + ImageDimensions@Rasterize@#] &     

Additional Question

I am confused with scattered information on how to embed a notebook to my webpage. The following link gives some information, but I am not sure if this information is still valid to embed a notebook into a webpage. If so, why do we have various different methods for embedding, and which one is the best for someone who does not know much about programming. I can see that embedding a Manipulate output and a Notebook itself are treated differently.




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