I have a list similar to the next, but with 361 arrays lists instead of 3:


And I would like to make a plot showing the mean, standard deviation, max and min for each array, something similar to a serie of box-plots. How can I make this?

I already made this plot calculating the mean and standard deviation, but I would like something better enter image description here


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fivestats = Map[Through@{Min, Mean @ # - StandardDeviation @ # &, Mean, 
       Mean @ # + StandardDeviation @ # &, Max} @ # &];

list2 = fivestats @ list;

TableForm[list2, TableHeadings -> {{"data 1", "data 2", "data 3"} , {"Min", 
    "Mean-StdDev", "Mean", "Mean+StdDev", "Max"}}]

enter image description here

ListLinePlot[Transpose @ list2, 
 PlotStyle -> {Automatic, Dashed, Automatic, Dashed, Automatic}, 
 Filling -> {2 -> {4}}, 
 PlotLegends -> {"Min", "Mean-StdDev", "Mean", "Mean+StdDev", "Max"}]

enter image description here

In versions 12.0+, you can use Around

list3 = Map[Through[{Min, Mean, Max, 
     Around[Mean @ #, StandardDeviation @ #]&} @ #] &]@list;

ListLinePlot[Transpose @ list3, IntervalMarkers -> "Bands"]

enter image description here


I've found that ErrorBar and ErrorBarListPlot are very useful for this sort of thing. Needs["ErrorBarPlots`"]


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