This question 40194 asks about work arounds to check and replace variable names which are invalid in a specific MMA function context. For that case testing using the function itself is the most reliable approach, but I'd like a more general method.

Is there a builtin function or a more general way to test syntax and validity?

One idea, if there are error messages, we can use Check:

varCheckQ[s_String]:=Check[SyntaxQ[Symbol[s]], False] // Quiet

varCheckQ/@{"1st","two wrds","no_good","al.most","ok"}
(* {False, False, False, False, True} *)

Or, maybe try to match with unevaluated


varNameQ/@{"1st","two wrds","no_good","al.most","ok"}
(* {False, False, False, False, True} *)

These work, but don't seem very robust. Is there a utility function defined somewhere that already does this using MMA's rules?


There is the undocumented function Internal`SymbolNameQ:

Internal`SymbolNameQ /@ {"1st", "two wrds", "no_good", "al.most", "ok"}
 {False, False, False, False, True}
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    $\begingroup$ Internal`SymbolNameQ: Undocumented function that apparently identifies a string as a "symbol name." $\endgroup$ – dionys Sep 5 '20 at 13:45

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