Why is this code returning errors and failing to run? If I replace Abs[x[t]]^2 with just x[t] it works perfectly.

proc = ItoProcess[{
    \[DifferentialD]x[t] == y[t] \[DifferentialD]t,
    \[DifferentialD]y[t] == -Abs[x[t]]^2 \[DifferentialD]t + \[DifferentialD]W[t]},
   {x[t], y[t]},
   {{x, y}, {0, 1}},
   W \[Distributed] WienerProcess[0, 1]
sim = RandomFunction[proc, {0., 20., 0.01}];
ListPlot[sim, Joined -> True]

After playing around some more, I suppose it is something to do with the system tending towards negative infinity. If I only plot up to a time step of 5 (RandomFunction[proc, {0., 5., 0.01}]) then the result looks like this

enter image description here

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