I want to be able to run parallelisable tasks quicker and on better hardware. Are there any services that can easily do this with my personal copy of Mathematica?


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The remote batch job submission functionality in version 12.2 of Mathematica makes it easy to run batch jobs on cloud services like AWS Batch. See this example illustrating a trivial job using multi-core parallel computation:

In[1]:= job = RemoteBatchSubmit[
  {$ProcessorCount, ParallelEvaluate[$KernelID]},
  RemoteProviderSettings -> <|"VCPUCount" -> 4|>

(* a few minutes later *)
In[2]:= job["EvaluationResult"]
Out[2]= {4, {1, 2, 3, 4}}

As of this writing, the largest non-specialty EC2 instance type has 96 cores, so you can specify up to "VCPUCount" -> 96.


There has been some discussion of how to run Wolfram Engine on AWS



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