I am attempting to read some data from a CSV file I have using

edgeDistribution = Import["edge_distribution_2.csv", "CSV"]

Mathematica will then output

{{1, 2}, {1, 2}}

as I would expect. However, when I try to access the data using edgeDistribution[[0]][[0]], Mathematica outputs Symbol instead of interpreting the numerical data.

Is there something wrong with how am I trying to read from my CSV file? I have attached it here for reference in case the problem is with the file itself.

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    $\begingroup$ Part numbering starts at 1, not 0. Try edgeDistribution[[1,1]] $\endgroup$ – Jason B. Aug 19 at 1:42
  • $\begingroup$ @JasonB. Thanks! $\endgroup$ – cp250 Aug 19 at 1:56

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