In the NetCDF format, I can define a common dimension with a specified name. Then when I create variables, I can have the dimensions of those variables reference the same dimension name. Is there away todo this when exporting from Mathematica? I have some data I'm trying to export

 {"Datasets" -> {
    "x" -> fullData[[;; , 1]],
    "y" -> fullData[[;; , 2]],
    "z" -> fullData[[;; , 3]],
    "x_norm" -> fullData[[;; , 4]],
    "y_norm" -> fullData[[;; , 5]],
    "z_norm" -> fullData[[;; , 6]]
  "DataFormat" -> {
    }}, "Rules"]

But I need it to show up in the NetCDF file as

  size = 963;
  double x(size=963);
  double y(size=963);
  double z(size=963);
  double x_norm(size=963);
  double y_norm(size=963);
  double z_norm(size=963);

Instead of

  xDim = 963;
  yDim = 963;
  zDim = 963;
  x_normDim = 963;
  y_normDim = 963;
  z_normDim = 963;
  double x(xDim=963);
  double y(yDim=963);
  double z(zDim=963);
  double x_norm(x_normDim=963);
  double y_norm(y_normDim=963);
  double z_norm(z_normDim=963);

In case the problem remains unsolved after versions and FYI, here's a temporary solution:

  1. Export your data array to some Python-readable format file. HDF5 may do well. (163685)
  2. Import the data array from file to Python.
  3. Use netCDF4 library to export the desired NetCDF.

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