My Mathematica variable scope is set to Notebook, more about it here: What is my current scope if I change `Inspector>Cell options>Evaluation options>CellContext` to "Notebook"?

Now I want to clear all variables from the scope.

I am getting current scope:

In[61]:= $Context
Out[61]= Notebook$$34$511107`

After I am using this output by manually constructing this command and it works (clear all variables from the scope):


All above works well. Now I want to do that programatically. I tried this:

Clear[Evaluate["\"" <> $Context <> "*\""]]

also this:

Clear["\"" <> Evaluate[$Context] <> "*\""]

but without any success.

How to fix code above to make it work?

  • $\begingroup$ I found universal option to use Clean[] for all cases: Clear["`*"] $\endgroup$ – vasili111 Jul 13 at 2:31

You need to turn $Context into a string. You also do not need to add the quotation marks, as you are joining strings, so the end result will automatically be a string again.

This should do what you want.

Clear@Evaluate[ToString[$Context] <> "*"]
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