We know in a notebook there are Sections, Subsections and Subsubsections. I wonder is there a way to construct something like Subsubsubsection and Subsubsubsub...subsection?

I ask this because when I do research, I write code and notes in one notebook. The contains in my notebook file accumulates day by day and makes it large and complex. Once I need to expand one of my subsubsection, I found that there is no deeper section layers so I have to lay out the added contain unorganized. I wonder is there a way to solve this?


The Default.nb styles define them up to "Subsubsubsubsection" so you have two more levels to go.

They are not included in the Format>Style menu but you can use shortcuts. Hit Tab/Backspace to navigate down/up in section level. (coursor needs to be a the beginning of the cell).

If you need more you can define/edit a custom stylesheet and add there style analogous to:


 CellMargins->{{66, Inherited}, {2, 10}}, (*edit 66 if you need more indentation*)

     (*remember to edit Subsubsubsubsection if you want `Tab` to move to Section-5*)
   "Backspace" -> "Subsubsubsubsection"        
 , KeyEvent["Tab", Modifiers -> {Shift}] -> "Section-6" (*if defined*)

 CellGroupingRules->{"SectionGrouping", 70+10}, (*increment 10 for each deeper level*)

 FontColor->RGBColor[0.5, 0.01`, 0.], (*whatever you want*)

 MenuSortingValue->None, (*make it a number if you want it to appear in Format>Style menu*)
 CounterAssignments->{{"Item", 0}, {"Subitem", 0}, {"Subsubitem", 0}, {"ItemNumbered", 0}, { "SubitemNumbered", 0}, {"SubsubitemNumbered", 0}}, 
 FontFamily->"Source Sans Pro",


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