I am trying to evaluate the following:

Simplify[Meter Nano Re[(a + I b)/(Meter Nano)], Assumptions -> Element[{a, b}, Reals]]

However, Mathematica returns:

Meter*Nano*Re[(a + I*b)/(Meter*Nano)]

And if I try:

Convert[Meter Nano Re[(a + I b)/(Meter Nano)], 1]

I get the error:

Convert::incomp: "Incompatible units in Meter Nano Re[(a+I b)/(Meter Nano)] and 1."

How can I factor out the "Meter Nano" from within Re[] and simplify the above to:


One solution:

As suggested by rcollyer, use ComplexExpand:

ComplexExpand[Meter Nano Re[(a + I b)/(Meter Nano)]]

which gives


Note: ComplexExpand, as written above, assumes a and b are Reals.

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    $\begingroup$ Have you tried ComplexExpand? $\endgroup$ – rcollyer Apr 2 '13 at 3:26
  • $\begingroup$ Please use the code markup, as per my edits, to display code. $\TeX$, while pretty, does not copy well. $\endgroup$ – rcollyer Apr 2 '13 at 3:41
ComplexExpand[Meter Nano Re[(a + I b)/(Meter Nano)]]


As a side note: in v9, the Miscellaneous`Units` package that you are using (and which you don't mention in your question) has been superseded by the new built-in unit system. The above expression would have been simplified without Simplify:

Quantity[1, "Nanometers"]Re[Quantity[a + I*b, "Nanometers"^(-1)]] 

-Im[b] + Re[a]


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