I am having some difficulties when using UnitSimplify in manipulating expressions for obtaining dimensionless quantities in Mathematica 12.0.0. Here is a minimal example showing the difficulty:

  Quantity[10, "Joules"^(-1)] 
   (Quantity[20, "Joules"] r^2 + 
    Quantity[30, "Gigapascals" ("Picometers")^(3/2)] Sqrt[d^2 Quantity[40, "Liters"] +  
    f^2 Quantity[50, "Liters"]])]

The UnitSimplify appears to do nothing above. To solve this difficulty, I have worked out the unit conversion factor for turning "Gigapascals" ("Picometers")^(3/2) into "Joules"^(1) "Liters"^(-1/2). Then I applied a rule.

% /. Quantity[x_, "Gigapascals" ("Picometers")^(3/2)] -> 
         Quantity[x, "Gigapascals" ("Picometers")^(3/2)], 
         "Joules"^(1) "Liters"^(-1/2)]

Now that I can see that the units cancel, I can just take the magnitudes and find the dimensionless expression.

My question is: can this replacement rule be made more general to avoid working out unit conversion factors every time I come up with a dimensionless expression?


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Mathematica is assuming that your variables r, d and f are quantities with dimensions, and so it gives up. If you tell Mathematica that they are unitless quantities, then it will work:

    Quantity[10,"Joules"^(-1)] *
        Quantity[20,"Joules"] Quantity[r,"Unities"]^2 +
        Quantity[30,"Gigapascals" ("Picometers")^(3/2)] *
            Quantity[d,"Unities"]^2Quantity[40,"Liters"] +
            Quantity[f,"Unities"]^2 Quantity[50,"Liters"]

10 ((3 Sqrt[40 d^2 + 50 f^2])/(1000000000 Sqrt[10]) + 20 r^2)

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! I take it that "Unities" is the unit for dimensionless quantities. $\endgroup$
    – Ferca
    Jun 24, 2020 at 17:49
  • $\begingroup$ I think you can also use "DimensionlessUnit". $\endgroup$
    – chuy
    Jun 24, 2020 at 18:25

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