I have images from the internet and the corresponding URLs. I want to combine the image and the URL into one image. I don't want the URL to be placed over part of the image, but want the URL under the image. I tried GraphicsColumn and it worked, but makes the URL and the image the same size. In the code below, the 1273 is the width obtained via ImageDimensions. I tried changing the height also, but then the URL is not shown fully.

See this

The image of the triangle is at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/310115124325383020/ I want the URL to have the same width but a smaller height. Suggestions?



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img = RandomImage[1, {350, 150}, ColorSpace -> "RGB"];

Labeled[img, {"https://www.pinterest.com/pin/310115124325383020/"}, {Bottom}]

enter image description here


I would suggest drawing the text directly onto the image using ImageCompose or HighlightImage. Example:

img = ExampleData[{"TestImage", "Mandrill"}];
{w, h} = ImageDimensions[img];

text = Text[Style["Mandrill", 20, Bold, TextAlignment -> Center]];
textImg = Rasterize@Graphics[{text}, ImageSize -> {w, 25}];

 ImagePad[img, {{0, 0}, {25, 0}}, White],
 {Center, Bottom},
 {Center, Bottom}


With HighlightImage:

 ImagePad[img, {{0, 0}, {25, 0}}, White], {
   Style["Mandrill", 20, Bold, TextAlignment -> Center],
   {w/2, 0},
   {0, -1}

Same output as above.


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