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There are two problems that I faced. Suppose we have two or more convex hull defined using an array R[i], like


Now to find the region inequality at once for all convex hull in the array I use a do loop as

    Do[regFunc[i][{x, y, z}] := FullSimplify @ RegionMember[Rationalize @ MeshPrimitives[DiscretizeRegion[R[i],  MaxCellMeasure -> \[Infinity]], 3][[1]]] @ {x, y, z},{i,1,2}];

But this gives error and so I have to manually write the whole code for each convex hull. Secondly, I want the region as a open region. This means that I want > or < not >= or <= . This is because later I will calculate region intersection using ImplicitRegion, where due to >= or <= the regions seem to intersect at the boundaries, which I don't want. Any possible way to do it in Mathematica?


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The easy part of the question: (1) Use regFunc[i][{x_, y_, z_}] (not regFunc[i][{x, y, z}]) when you define regFunc, (2) Use With[{i = i}, ...] to inject the value of i on the right-hand-side expression:

Do[With[{i = i}, 
   regFunc[i][{x_, y_, z_}] := FullSimplify@
          DiscretizeRegion[R[i], MaxCellMeasure -> ∞], 3][[1]]]@{x, y, z}],
   {i, 1, 2}];

Column @ {regFunc[1]@{x, y, z}, regFunc[2]@{x, y, z}}

enter image description here

Not sure about the second part, but maybe you can do this:

{regFunc[1]@{x, y, z}, regFunc[2]@{x, y, z}} /. 
     {LessEqual -> Less, GreaterEqual -> Greater} // Column

enter image description here


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