Is it possible to easily simplify the difference of conjugate pairs?

In particular, if there's just a single variable, then

FullSimplify[a - Conjugate[a]]
2 I Im[a]

But trying to do the same thing with a slightly more complex expression fails:

FullSimplify[a Conjugate[b] - Conjugate[a] b]
a Conjugate[b] - Conjugate[a] b

I have found one solution (answered below) but it relies on a FullSimplify which doesn't seem very optimal.

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    $\begingroup$ ComplexExpand[a Conjugate[b] - Conjugate[a] b, {a, b}] ? $\endgroup$
    – LouisB
    Jun 1, 2020 at 8:55
  • $\begingroup$ That is indeed mathematically equivalent, but it usually results in quite a large expression. I was really hoping to get the result as 2 I Im[...]. $\endgroup$
    – JP-Ellis
    Jun 1, 2020 at 9:01

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Here is one solution which works to some extent, though it relies on a FullSimplify to determine whether the rule should be applied which could be quite slow.

1 / (2 I) {
  a - Conjugate[a],
  a Conjugate[b] - Conjugate[a] b,
  a b Conjugate[c] Conjugate[d] - c d Conjugate[a] Conjugate[b],
  a b c d - Conjugate[a b c d]
  } /. {
   a_ - b_ :> 2 I Im[a] /; FullSimplify[Conjugate[a] == b]
{Im[a], Im[a Conjugate[b]], Im[a b Conjugate[c] Conjugate[d]], Im[a b c d]}

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