Let's say I have a function W[x_]; and would like to export the data for xrange -100 to 100

I have tried this

Result=W[#] & /@Range[-100,100];
Export = ["result,txt",Result,"List"]

Eg: The output I get:


But I would like to save the x_ values as the first column and w[x_] as the second column

 x_      w[x_]
 -100      -1.0
 -99       -1.5
 -98       -2.0
 ...        ....
 100       5.0

How does one print x_ values too ?


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Using your code in Export data from NIntegrate and Piecewise this is how to do it

 data = {#, W[#]} & /@ Range[-2, 2]

Mathematica graphics

Now save it using the same commands in the above answer

Export["result.txt", data, "List"]

Change the Range command above to whatever you want.


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