I want to create a iteration with a loop for my Nestlist with multiple functions. The following code is a very simplified one.

K[dT_] = g*dT/x^2*L;

J[dT_] = K[dT]*(l/w)^2/(c + K[dT]);

P[dT_] = (h*J[dT])/w;

Ti[dT_] =P+((Tb^2 + (Tb - dT)^2)*(Tb + (Tb - dT)))/to;

Tbl = Tb - Ti[dT];

Val=NestList[Tbl, dT, 10];

DeltaTbl= Val[[10]];

So what i want Mathematica to do is to take the first assigned value of dT and calculate Tbl which should be taken as a new dT and run another loop through all the equations. All the equations are dependent of dT and I want to iterate Tbl, to become a precice value for Tbl at the very end, which i need for further calculations. I also might need some interim results, like P aswell. So is there a way to iterate Tbl through all the equations with a clear and neat structure? Thank you in advance!

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    $\begingroup$ K is a reserved symbol, so don't use it as a name for your function. $\endgroup$ – J. M.'s discontentment May 20 at 12:04

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