If I create a neural network like, for example, so:

net = NetGraph[{LinearLayer[3], LinearLayer[5], LinearLayer[1]}, {1 -> 2 -> 3}, "Input" -> 2];
net = NetInitialize[net];

I can then evalute its output at a set of numeric inputs:

net[{1, 1}]

When I do this with symbolic inputs, however,

net[{x, y}]

I get an error:

"NetGraph: Data supplied to Input was not a length-2 vector of real numbers (or a list of these)."

Is it possible to view a symbolic representation of the outputs as a function of symbolic inputs (and potentially symbolic weights)?

Note: I know I could reimplement neural nets without using the convenience functions to achieve this. My question is, to avoid reinventing the wheel, can I use NetGraph / other neural net functions to do this?


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