Is there an option or other method to run EvaluateNotebook for remote notebooks, ie EvaluateNotebook[url-to-notebook] in other words evaluate remote notebooks in local kernel?

The current version does not seem to support this, and neither does EvaluateNotebook[Import[url-to-notebook]]

In a test I tried to evaluate a notebook by sharing a Google Drive link - the file was set to read access for anyone with the link. However

In the first case gives Syntax errors due to some Google-related meta-name

   Expression cannot begin with 
    "<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta name="google"
       content="notranslate"><meta <<6820>>ck-m7k",0,"/

In the second case gives

NotebookEvaluate::nbnfnd: Unable to find the notebook .

I've tried many $ImportFormats in Import in addition to default, eg HTML, Text, String, JSON, RawJSON etc, but these all return empty data.



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