Whenever the package LieART is loaded using << LieART`, CommonDefaultFormatTypes > "Output" is changed to TraditionalForm. This seems to happen by some means that is slightly more permanent than changes I can make.

In particular, after going into the Option Inspector and changing the option back to StandardForm, this is what I see: Option Inspector showing that change to StandardForm is temporary

After making my change, the corresponding line in the Inspector is bolded and there is a button on the left that I can click to cancel the change and return to the "default" value of TraditionalForm. I would have assumed that the Apply button in the upper right could be used to make the change into the default value, but it is always greyed out for me. The same behavior is seen if I do something like

CurrentValue[EvaluationNotebook[], {CommonDefaultFormatTypes, "Output"}] = StandardForm;

The change made by LieART is not like this; the line is unbolded, there is no button to cancel the change.

Is there a way for me to change this option back to its true default value? Thanks.


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After some more searching within the documentation, it seems that

CurrentValue[$FrontEndSession, {CommonDefaultFormatTypes, "Output"}] = StandardForm;

does the trick.


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