I have read all I could about PlotRange, but remain with this bug, and search for a workaround.

If I invoke (from the Full help page) on version 12.0:

Plot3D[Sqrt[1 - x^2 - y^2], {x, -2, 2}, {y, -2, 2}, PlotRange -> Full]

I get the same result as if I used All instead of Full; in other words, the plot range is restricted to the $[-1,1]$ range in both variables, even though PlotRange -> Full should plot over the range given in the input, i.e. $[-2, 2]$. On version 12.1 I see the difference.

As many of the computers I will use have not yet upgraded to 12.1, does anyone have a workaround for getting the correct behavior of Full (on version 12.0)?

  • $\begingroup$ I am also still on 12.0 and I see the same behavior you see in 3D; in 2D, however, PlotRange -> Full seems to work fine. $\endgroup$ – MarcoB May 5 at 18:49
  • $\begingroup$ @MarcoB, thanx, I saw that as well in 2D. In the meantime, until I posted this question, I was scratching my head real hard, trying to figure what I had done to "break" Full in Plot3D[]. $\endgroup$ – Aharon Naiman May 5 at 18:53
  • $\begingroup$ @MarcoB, thank you for your edit. $\endgroup$ – Aharon Naiman May 6 at 11:01

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