I want to save a copy of the current notebook using Mathematica code

(* the notebook that's open is foo.nb *)
NotebookSave[SelectedNotebook[], "bar.nb"]

After execution, Mathematica would close foo.nb without saving, and open bar.nb. If I saved the path of foo.nb, close bar.nb, and reopen foo.nb, I would jump to the beginning of the file instead of having my cursor position saved.

How can I save a copy of foo.nb as bar.nb in the background, while still retaining my focus on foo.nb?


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Closing foo.nb when calling NotebookSave probably was a bug that was fixed (I use Mathematica 13.2). Currently the saved notebook bar.nb is opened in the background.

If you don't want to open bar.nb use Export:

Export[SelectedNotebook[], "bar.nb"]

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