I try to use NotebookOpen with the Wolfram Engine. As far as I know Wolfram Engine does not include the notebook interface, but it does include the FrontEnd functionality, so I tried

UsingFrontEnd[nb = NotebookOpen["path/to/notebook/code.nb", Visible->False]];

At first glance this seems to work, but using the NotebookObject with another function like NotebookImport fails:

    nb = NotebookOpen["path/to/notebook/code.nb", Visible->False];
    cellsExpressions = NotebookImport[nb, _->"Expression"];

NotebookImport::notanb: No notebook file found at NotebookObject[<< code.nb >>].

Using it with NotebookRead also fails:

    nb = NotebookOpen["path/to/notebook/code.nb", Visible->False];
    cells = Cells[nb];
{$Failed, $Failed, $Failed, $Failed}

To me it seems that the notebook is not kept open by NotebookOpen when being used in the Wolfram Engine. This leads to problems as documented for example in the NotebookRead documentation:

If an object is no longer valid, NotebookRead returns $Failed. If a list of objects is given, then $Failed will be returned for each of the invalid objects.

Interestingly Cells[nb] seems to yield the CellObjects associated with the notebook cells.

Is there a way to make NotebookOpen work with the Wolfram Engine?


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