Bug introduced in 12.0.0 or earlier on Windows


To get simple LaTeX Greek in my figures, I am using U+1D6FC MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMALL ALPHA to U+1D714 MATHEMATICAL ITALIC SMALL OMEGA in the font "Latin Modern Math" (see "Symbols defined by unicode-math").

But the output is different on the two machines I am using:

  • 12.0.1 for Linux ARM (32-bit)
  • 12.0.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit)
styledGreek = Framed @ Column @ {
    CharacterRange[16^^1D6FC, 16^^1D714],
    FontFamily -> "Latin Modern Math",
    FontSize -> 24

Export[ToLowerCase[$SystemID] <> ".png", styledGreek]
Export[ToLowerCase[$SystemID] <> ".pdf", styledGreek]

Linux PNG (OK)

Linux PNG export (OK)

Linux PDF (OK)

Linux PDF export (OK)

Windows PNG (spurious vertical spacing)

Windows PNG export (spurious vertical spacing)

Windows PDF (spurious vertical and horizontal spacing)

Windows PDF export (spurious vertical and horizontal spacing)

What is going on here?

I have checked the OTFs installed on the two machines (latinmodern-math.otf from GUST) and they are identical (SHA256: 6075562b771f8b82f0c179e363389684f2dd09de30038269e2628e504bd7be0f).




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