Exploring the WebExecute function, I would like to know how can I send key (or TypeElement) to the element in focus. Here is a toy code using Google.

WebExecute["OpenPage" -> "www.google.com"]
WebExecute["ClickElement" -> "XPath" -> "//input[@name = 'q']"];

Now that the text area is selected, I tried to implement this post Javascript solution (with no success) using:


Any clue on how to do this in Mathematica?

enter image description here

Note: I know that for this toy code I can type in the text area using:

WebExecute["TypeElement" -> {First@WebExecute["LocateElements" -> "XPath" -> "//input[@name = 'q']"], "Test"}]

But my real case is more complex than this, and type in the focus area should work.


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After some web search, I found this solution using this interesting CSS Pseudo-class focus.

WebExecute["OpenPage" -> "www.google.com"]
input = First@WebExecute["LocateElements" -> "CSSSelector" -> "input:focus"]
WebExecute["TypeElement" -> {input,"Test"}];

Here is the reference post.


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