I have a list containing a function and 5 parameters (all of them can change).


I would like to create a plot of the function, while displaying the values of the parameters inside the plot as relevant information. The parameters should be displayed including a string about what they mean. For example I would like to see the plot and on the right side of the plot I would like to see something like: "norm = 0.5", "visibility = 0.1" and so on.. Any idea how to do that?


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list = {x^2, 0.5, 0.1, 5, 1, 1};

labels =
  {"func", "norm", "visibility", "param3", "param4", "param5"};

  Plot[Callout[x^2, labels[[1]]], {x, 0, 1},
   ImageSize -> Medium],
  Column[StringForm["`` = ``", #[[1]], NumberForm[#[[2]], {5, 2}]] & /@
     Transpose[{Rest@labels, Rest@list}]]}]

enter image description here

list= {.5,2};
Plot[a x^b, {x, 0, 1},
 PlotLabel -> 
 {Text["norm a =" <> ToString[list[[1]]]], 
  Text["exponent b =" <> ToString[list[[2]]]]}]]

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