I have recently gotten into learning the Wolfram Language with Mathematica, I honestly love Mathematica, but my trial has recently ended, and I do not want to go through the mess of installing Eclipse; does anybody know of any way to run Wolfram Language code on VSC?

I already have the Wolfram Kernel up and running.


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First download and install Wolfram engine on your machine. Then install a jupyter kernel for Wolfram Language.

In VSCode open a file using .ipynb extension and select the wolfram kernel.



I highly recommended the https://github.com/njpipeorgan/wolfram-language-notebook, I've been using it with free wolfram engine for several months.


  1. you have all the power from vscode. onhover, highlight, format (PR, waiting for merge) see https://github.com/asukaminato0721/mmafmt , dynamic powered by player https://github.com/asukaminato0721/mmaplayer
  2. even the kernel crashes, your code is safe.


  1. you can only get the interactive animations from wolfram player.
  2. FrontEnd relate operation is not available. For example, CopyToClipboard
  3. Only 1 dimension input.

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