Hello I have some code that have terms that look like g2''[y] E^[n I x] where n is 0,1,2,... I would like for when n=0 for the E^[0 I x] terms to stay as E^[0 I x] and not be changed to one. For example, in symbolic calculations if I were to input into Mathematica

g2''[y] E^[0 I x]

it returns


where I would rather it return

g2''[y] E^[0 I x].

Thank you.


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You can't do this without holding the expression, since Mathematica will automatically replace $e^{i 0 x}$ with $1$.

ClearAll[g, y, n, x];
Table[With[{n = n}, 
  g''[y] If[n == 0, HoldForm@Exp[n I x], Exp[n I x]]], {n, 0, 4}]


Mathematica graphics

But under the cover, $e^{i 0 x}$ is wrapped with HoldForm and it is stuck with it until you remove the hold, then it goes back to $1$


Mathematica graphics


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