I have a gif image that I am trying to import into the Mathematica Notebook, and I found the accepted answer of this question very useful: Is it possible to insert an animated image into Mathematica notebook?

So, I am typing:

Import["myimage.gif", "Animation"]

The problem is that now I want to resize it .. It is possible to drag and resize an individual image

enter image description here

But if I move the slider, now I have to resize every single of all the images that compose the GIF Image

enter image description here

How do I resize the whole animation?


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You can first import the list of resized images (using ImageSize option for GIF Import) and then animate it with ListAnimate:

ListAnimate @ Import["myimage.gif", ImageSize -> {100, 200}]

Notice that

Import["myimage.gif", "Animation", ImageSize -> {100, 200}]

will not work because in this case ImageSize affects the animation window size and not the image itself.


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