How can I determine if two mutable data structures (DataStructure) are truly the same? I do not mean checking if they have the same value. I mean checking if they are the same data structure, i.e. whether they both respond to mutation.


a = CreateDataStructure["Value", 1];

b = a["Copy"];

c = b;

Now b and c are the same, but a and b are different. They merely hold the same value. a === b tests if the value if the same, and therefore returns True.

But mutating a does not mutate b. The variables a and b do not point to the same data structure.

a["Set", 2]
(* 2 *)

{a["Get"], b["Get"]}
(* {2, 1} *)

b and c do point to the same data structure:

b["Set", 5]
(* 5 *)

{b["Get"], c["Get"]}
(* {5, 5} *)
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    $\begingroup$ Maybe try something like GroupBy[{a, b, c}, Hash] $\endgroup$
    – ilian
    Apr 1, 2020 at 13:58
  • $\begingroup$ If you're in a <12.1 environment you can use any internal function that knows about this distinction, e.g. make a Language`ExpressionStore (the memory will clean itself up automatically if you do) and then attach a UUID to each Expr that you can check against. $\endgroup$
    – b3m2a1
    Apr 1, 2020 at 21:53

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This way of comparison is not directly exposed in top-level at the moment.

However, it could be done through the compiler, for example

sameInstanceQ = 
  FunctionCompile[Function[{Typed[e1, "Expression"], Typed[e2, "Expression"]}, 
    Native`SameInstanceQ[e1, e2]]];

a = CreateDataStructure["Value", 1];
b = a["Copy"];
c = b;

SameQ[a, b, c]

(* True *)

sameInstanceQ[a, b]

(* False *)

sameInstanceQ[b, c]

(* True *)

A new entry in the function repository, SameInstanceQ, can also be used here:

In[31]:= a = CreateDataStructure["Value", 1];
b = a["Copy"];
c = b;

In[34]:= ResourceFunction["SameInstanceQ"][a, b]

Out[34]= False

In[36]:= ResourceFunction["SameInstanceQ"][b, c]

Out[36]= True

It can also work with normal Wolfram Language expressions and is not limited to data structures:

In[42]:= a = <|"a" -> 1|>;
b = <|"a" -> 1|>;
c = b;

In[45]:= ResourceFunction["SameInstanceQ"][a, b]

Out[45]= False

In[46]:= ResourceFunction["SameInstanceQ"][b, c]

Out[46]= True

This function exposes some internal implementation details that are interesting, like the fact that there is only one version of an empty association:

In[47]:= ResourceFunction["SameInstanceQ"][<||>, <||>]

Out[47]= True

Other corner cases are discussed on the ref page.


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