I've been playing around with with the old library archived package "Mechanical Involute Gears"

The package has some broken things, namely those having to do with utf8 and a = that should have been a ==, which I've modified and fixed, however I am now getting an error with the result of an example in the demonstration, and it's internal function.

This code:

    pictureMachiningCog[12, 20.\[Degree], 30, .3, 10],
    Graphics[{Hue[0.31],Thickness[0.01], Line[shapeCog[12, 20\[Degree],30, .3]]}]];

enter image description here

Should give this photo as a result, which when modifying $e$ in the following functions, which will give an undercut at the bottom of the gear tooth


All of these functions, when delving into the package files are related to the following function profildent[] which outputs the following errors, whenever $e$ is unequal $0$ or when $z$ is lower than the theoretical value that the other function minimalNumberOfCogs[20\[Degree]] spits out.

for example:

shapeCog[17, 25 \[Degree], 30, -0.1]

Part::partw: Part 1 of {} does not exist.

Part::partw: Part 2 of {} does not exist.

** Interfence1 ** (17,25 [Degree],-0.1)

Take::take: Cannot take positions 1 through 1 in {}.

I cant seem to find the error within the code.

in other functions, within the package, such as:

pictureMachiningCog[8, 20 \[Degree], 50, -0.4, 30]


The expected form is displayed like expected.

The problematic internal function below:

profilDent[z_, a_, m_, deport_:0] := 
  Module[{prof1, zlim, lp1, lp4,i,j,prof3,prof4,t,pr,pti,eqd},
    zlim = nombreDentsLimite[a] ;
    prof1 = rallongeProfil[profilDentDev[z,a,m,deport], m z/2 + m + m deport] ;
    If [ norme[prof1[[1]]] < z m/2-1.25 m + m deport,
        (* on est trop bas*)
        prof1 = Select[prof1, norme[#]>z m/2-1.25 m + m deport & ]
    (* puis on rallonge *)
    prof1 = Reverse[rallongeProfil[Reverse[prof1], z m/2-1.25 m + m deport]] ;
    If[ (z > zlim) && (deport == 0), 
        Printf["pas d'interfences"]; 
        profComplet = prof1,
       (* else *)
        eqd = Evaluate[devCercleGen[t,a,(-m+m deport/Cos[a]), m z (*Cos[a]*) ]];
        pr = ParametricPlot[Evaluate[eqd], {t,-3 Pi/z ,-.2/z}, 
            PlotPoints->20, DisplayFunction->Identity];
            prof3 = pr[[1,1,1,1]];
        prof4 = Select[prof3, ArcTan @@ (#-{-m Tan[a],m z/2-m})<(Pi/2-a 0.6)&];
        i=1; lp1=Length[prof1]-1;
        j=lp1; lp4=Length[prof4]-1;
        While[ Not[ pti == interSegments[ prof4[[i]],prof4[[i+1]],prof1[[j]],prof1[[j+1]] ] ], 
                    Print["Pas d'interfence (",z,",",a,",",deport,")"]; 
                    Return[ profComplet = prof1 ] ;
            ]   ]
        Print["** Interfence1 ** (",z,",",a,",",deport,")"] ;
        profComplet = Reverse[faireListeXY[{Reverse[Take[prof1,-(lp1-j+1)]],pti,Take[prof4,-(lp4-i+1)]}]];

Are there better eyes than mine able to see the problems with the code?


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