How can one simply access the numerical integration coordinates and weights for a given integration code (e.g. 23) without generating the code itself? Is there some command for it? Something similar to SMCFEMTopologyData would be nice, however not for element topology, but rather for the numerical integration code.

Appendix C in "Automation of Finite Element Methods" by Korelc and Wriggers gives these data for most integration codes, but not all cases are covered.


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All the Gauss point coordinates and weights of AceFEM are stored in a file "SMSUtility.c", which is located in "C:\Users\$Username\AppData\Roaming\Mathematica\Applications\AceFEM\Include\CDriver" or in your global install directory. They are not accessible anywhere in Mathematica.

If you want you could export them in postprocessing and then acces them from AceFEM as:

position =  Position[SMTDomains[[1, 23]], #][[1, 1]] & /@ {"Xg", "Yg", "wg"}
SMTData[1, "SPP"][[1, ;; , position]]

For this to work you have to export "Xg", "Yg" and "wg"in postprocessing first!

Another option is to write a task called e.g. "IntegrationPoint" (see "USER DEFINED TASKS" chapter in help for details). Task would be defined as:

SMSTemplate[...,"SMSCharSwitch" -> {"IntegrationPoint"},...]; 


task \[RightTee] SMSInteger[Task$$];
ng\[RightTee]SMSInteger[es$$["id", "NoIntPoints"]];
    , -1, SMSExport[{1, 0, 0, 0, 3*ng}, TasksData$$]

    , 1, SMSDo[
      Table[SMSExport[SMSReal[es$$["IntPoints", i, Ig]],RealOutput$$[3*(Ig - 1) + i]], {i, 3}];
      , {Ig, 1, ng}

Which will then be called in AceFEM as SMTTask["IntegrationPoint","Element"->1]


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