Suppose, I wanted to calculate some definite (or indefinite) integral in Mathematica: $$\int_a^bf(x)\mathrm{d}x$$ Normally, this can be done using

Integrate[f[x], {x, a, b}]

which will give the result.

However, there are cases where no antiderivative exists for $f$. What I want to do is to "trick" Mathematica into thinking, that there exists some antiderivative $F(x)$ of $f$, even if this function would normally not be expressible in terms of "elementary functions".
That is, I want the above code to return

F[b] - F[a]

instead of returning the integral unevaluated. This may then be further simplified when I provide some expression for $F$, for example some approximation for the antiderivative.


Use TagSetDelayed


f /: Integrate[f[x_], {x_, a_, b_}] := F[b] - F[a]

Integrate[f[y], {y, lb, ub}]

(* -F[lb] + F[ub] *)
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